Let me introduce myself. 

My name is Alexa Terry Hanson. 

I like to draw. 

When I was about twelve years old I found a copy of “The Art of Animation” in my middle school art class. I spent most of my lunch periods in there doodling. As I glanced at the pages, my obsession began. Each page, each lesson, each technique had me delve deeper and deeper into a world I only at that moment truly was beginning to understand. 

I have always loved animated films and Saturday morning cartoons. With their bright colors, beautiful characters, and entertaining stories, I always wanted more. I grew up in the 90’s which most everyone knows as the golden age of Disney. The Little Mermaid was the first movie I ever saw in theaters. With Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast,The Lion King and others filling my head with such beautiful color and creativity, it doesn’t surprise me at all that I began to draw as young as three years old (according to my mother). Years of doodling, sketching, and painting has lead me along an amazing path of enlightenment. I will always remember that moment in Art class when I realized that I could draw for a living. 

It was honestly a dream come true. 

Now, in 2019, I’ve accomplished more then I ever thought I could. 

I’m going to be honest, I didn’t go to any fancy art school. I wish I did but at the time (being right when the recession hit in 2008) spending that much money on an art school wasn’t an option for my family. I had to teach myself though practice and connecting with other artists online. Seeing examples, asking questions and putting myself out there. Each year my skills grew and I was able to learn new techniques through trial and error. I received my first wacom tablet when I was a junior in high school. I had never touched any of the Adobe suites and the programs seemed complicated and overwhelming. My first sketches were of dinosaurs (a personal favorite of mine). Attempting to add depth and color not realizing the size of the canvas I had chosen was basically the size of a stamp which didn’t give me much wiggle room. 

Hours to days, days to weeks, weeks to months and months to years. 

Now here I am. It’s 2019. I’m 29. I’m very happily married. Mother of one (so far) and I have an AWESOME career!

As of this post, I am a 2D Character Layout Artist for an upcoming 2D animated television show 


a freelance artist who get s to work on just about anything you can think of in this creative world.

My career has had some serious ups and downs and I have struggled but with each fall I find my way back up. 

This blog isn’t meant for anyone specifically. If you’re someone who has a talent and you’re not sure if you should pursue it, I say DO IT! If  I can make something out of my own talent then I don’t see why everyone else can’t do that same. 

So I guess, to sum it all up…

I’m just a girl who likes to draw and wanted to make a career out of this super fun skill. I’m gonna post here, on this blog. Read it or don’t. Enjoy the artwork! 

Never give up on yourself and your dreams. I know I never will. 

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